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That when you are surrounded by greatness, your own greatness shines through. Choose your environment with care and good intent.

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We offer you a smorgasbord of skills and talents to choose from. Choose one or choose all.

Our experience proved to us that it is very wise to work in phases. Create milestones to achieve and celebrate, and to re-navigate if necessary.

In order to cater for tasks of any size, we charge by the quarter of an hour (15 minutes) part as used.

We respect the client's pace and budget, and usually we deliver under budget, as our experience is vast enough to allow us to know how to perform tasks in the most cost-effective way. We also believe that it is our duty the inform the client, well in advance, if changes are required due to extra details that do have to be included and taken care of.

We are located in Vancouver mid-Island region, but are also available for jobs that may be done using the Internet.

We welcome requests for estimates, as well as over the phone consultations.

We will await your call.

The Dove of Peace