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Graphic Design

The World at a glance

Our company, that was exposed to different cultures in three different countries and continents, has produced graphic design for most things, e.g. logos, marketing material, web sites, trade shows, book covers, vectoring illustrations and more.

Regardless if you would like a new face-lift, or if you are just starting - a company, project, or an ad campaign, or you wish to enhance your market share, we can help you find the right representation for you.

Graphic design, for us, is working with you in achieving all that you would like to convey by incorporating symbolization to verbal communication, in any form and on any platform. We would like to say that it is of a great importance for you, to take the time to find your true intent in your message, your true theme and the specific audience, as any insincerity will be felt immediately on a subconscious level and will effect the outcome of your project, and we are to help you do so.

Complete it

Human Beings were influenced by shapes from nature since bygone times, and our minds are even capable to complete suggested and incomplete shapes, e.g. the mind will see a whole circle where only a part circle is represented. Needless to say that by including an illustration, or picture, into your message, you will activate a greater portion of your audience's receiving abilities by utilizing more senses. Those same illustrations, or pictures, will also be rendered a certain slant from each person's cultural and experiential background thus, the same can evoke different emotional response in many people.

Some people value regular change and moving on with the times, and some like Coca-Cola, prefer to display their old original (trusted) logo, and their existence proves that.

Reach the outcome you want

Please call us with your particulars, and we will be happy to help.

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