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That when you are surrounded by greatness, your own greatness shines through. Choose your environment with care and good intent.

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I have been capturing pictures from the moment I was born, always fascinated by what I see. At time only with my mind eyes, other times with friends cameras, and eventually with my own cameras.

I love my gift of sight. I love the marvels one may discover, and these days, may even capture them in an instant. The artists of the past took slightly longer to record them though they made a marvelous job of it.

My expressions are three fold: I photograph for artistic purposes, for people's requests, and for catalogues & corporations. In each of them I try to first set the intent of the theme and proceed to capture that which wants to be revealed.

The joy that I get from photography brings to an optimum my inclination for solitude amidst life.

The following collage is just a collection of some fun & assigned pictures, they are not a comprehensive collection, but certainly fun.

Please call me for assignments and fee structure.

Collage of pictures of interest

The Dove of Peace