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2014 Posts:
Your Life’s Journal and Title Let us re-create ourselves and our lives to satisfy a higher level of excellence, joy, and fulfillment. Can you look at your life differently? Read On... 29 Jul 2014
Constriction vs. Restriction Uplifting or deflating. Building or destroying. Let's have a look at the difference between constriction and restriction although, it might feel similar. Read on... 22 Jul 2014
The Value We Know We Have Do you know your value? Do others? Do you feel that your value is acknowledged? Do you want to? Read on... 15 Jul 2014
Time Elusiveness We all know that time is relative namely, regardless of the elapsed number of minutes; our feelings measure it in accordance with its content, Read on... 8 Jul 2014
Celebrations and The Soul On this Canada day, let's celebrate. Take a moment and forget the cares of the world, they will undoubtedly manage without you for one day. Read on... 1 Jul 2014

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