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2014 Posts:
What About Shining Light On And On We must never let hurriedness, worries, and the like, stop us from breathing deeply while, remembering the wonderful Light and Joy experience we felt. Read On... 23 Dec 2014
Discrepancy between the Outside and Inner Sometimes, we may feel that we were caught by surprise, the year is drawing to conclusion so quickly, and we didn’t have time to prepare. Read On... 19 Dec 2014
New Gifts versus Gifts as Conceived Three types of gifts (at least), do you know of them? Read On... 11 Dec 2014
Talents, Free Will, Fruition, and Abundance Multiple Talents? Gifts? Skills? No need to get confused, just have the correct mind-set. Let's discuss it, both in this entry and in person. Read On... 05 Dec 2014

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